Helping you find profit in surprising places

Steve Schenck and Elayne Lieberman, have over 70 years of combined business experience. Unlike most business consultants, Steve and Elayne focus on identifying those areas in a business that can be restructured and reframed to be more effective, efficient, profitable and productive. Using proprietary tools and techniques, a Productivity Analysis and Assessment is produced, giving business owners a fresh vision and specific actions needed to reach their business goals.

Crown Elon Business Consulting is Different

Most business consulting firms focus primarily on computer, networking and IT or on financial statement generation.

Crown Elon focuses on examining and analyzing the operational structure and function of companies. This includes areas like customer service training, effective use of point of sale systems, margins and product turns in order to build profit and determine best use of cash, selection of products and inventory based on target markets, identifying weaknesses in security protocols and systems, and establishing vendor relationships, referral marketing systems and much more.

We provide on-site services, one-to-one personalized interactions, free initial consultations, and completely customized solutions.

Take Your Business From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Areas of expertise also include retail and manufacturing companies; inventory assessment and restructuring; effective communication among and between staff and management and between staff and customers; opening new facilities and departments; store resets; merchandising; arranging vendor discounts; POS/merchant services assessments; utilities/energy review; increasing business value to prepare for sale; financial analyses; marketing evaluation; review and reset of Vision & Purpose and Mission & Goals.

The benefits of working with Crown Elon is that we know your business is unique and that some solutions need to be tailored to fit you. Imagine having help getting pointed in the right direction once again and gaining crucial control over things you were struggling with.

Our Expertise

  • Inventory Control, Assessment and Restructuring
  • Vendor Relationships and Negotiations
  • Organization Systems and Structure Analysis
  • Communication and Mediation Among Employees
  • Retail Resets
  • Equipment Assessment
  • POS and Merchant Services Assessments
  • Energy/Utility Review and Recovery
  • Marketing Effectiveness Evaluation
  • Referral Marketing Training
  • Financial Analyses
  • Increase Business Value for Sale
  • Copywriting
  • Brainstorming

A major benefit of working with Crown Elon is that we know your business is unique and that some solutions need to be tailored to fit you. Imagine having help getting pointed in the right direction once again and gaining crucial control over things you are struggling with.

Elayne Lieberman

Elayne Lieberman

Vice President of Marketing and Operations


Understanding People and Having a Passion for Business

For more than 30 years, Elayne has specialized in helping people discover what will make them healthier, more relaxed and happier, more successful and more resourceful. One key, of many, is understanding behavioral styles and how to be more effective in relating to each other.

Elayne is a writer, a Referral Marketing Specialist and a Director Consultant for BNI (Business Network International) in Ventura County, California. She helps business owners take their businesses to the next level of success by teaching them how to establish and build strong relationships that lead to a constant and consistent exchange of referrals, from both business colleagues as well as current clients. One of her outstanding strengths is being able to see the big picture and focus on creative solutions to challenges.

Team Leader and Team Player

Cooperation and understanding, having an open mind and compassion are core elements to building beautiful relationships and Elayne brings all those elements – and much more – to the table when working with her clients and business partners. She is able to see potential challenges and solutions, as well as ways to be proactive. Elayne relishes input and observation from the people she works with, and at the same time, voices her opinion and provides input, direction and suggestion as appropriate.

Referral Marketing

Elayne is skilled in helping business owners create a powerful and active circle of Referral Partners to increase sales and greater results. While traditional methods of marketing continue to be important, Referral Marketing has proven to be the most effective and fun way to market and grow a business. .


Elayne attended UCLA, earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She is certified as a Nutritional Consultant and Hypnotherapist. Elayne enjoys teaching, writing and is a powerful public speaker and presenter.

Steve Schenck

Steve Schenck



Reestablishing Communication and Morale

For over 41 years Steve Schenck has worked intimately with for-profit and consumer cooperative businesses. His work with boards of directors of non-profits, consumer cooperatives and community development corporations has given him amazing insight into the inner workings of business though processes.

One of Steve’s strengths is his ability to recognize where, within a business, the organizational structure is breaking down (e.g. communication, loss of market share, loss of staff, drop in profitability or cash flow) and then help identify solutions to strengthen those areas once again.

Change Comes From Within the Organization

Steve is skilled at stepping inside organizations and seeing where the barriers are to effective communication and teamwork. He helps build trust between the individuals and groups within organizations and facilitates identifying solutions, getting commitments to act and follow through, and establish accountability for performance and recognition of contribution of those involved.

Steve provides a path to establishing an in-depth change of habits and more effective ways for staff to interact within the organization. Without established new habits of action, the people within the organization will slip back into their previous ineffective habits and behaviors when stressful situations occur. Steve helps to firmly establish new habits and support between people.

Systems for an Effective Workplace

Effective organizations leverage three important things: skills, intelligence and staff commitment. When all three of these things are embraced, wonderful things are accomplished. Effectiveness is substantially increased by systems that use these three attributes to accomplish the organization’s goals. Steve helps businesses reinvigorate and become effective once again, by identifying and setting up new and needed systems when a business or organization is in a state of disorganization and breakdown.


Steve earned a BA in Business Economics at UCSB. He studied Supermarket Management at UCLA. He takes seminars and courses on a regular basis on communications, finance, management and trends.