This in depth guide is for people who live in earthquake zones such a s California. It was written by geological researcher Robert Zatkin.

The reason I have posted this guide on a business website is that I consider it “due diligence” to reduce the damage from risks that are likely to happen.  No one knows when the next big earthquake will happen, but when if does, the unprepared will suffer a great deal more than you if you are ready.

It is a 34 page PDF you can download. Even if you only do 5% of what is listed in this guide, you will be much more prepared than millions of other people in your state. Also, if will cost you very little to buy the basics – food, water and emergency supplies if you spread the cost over a couple months

Preparation for Major Earthquake – Details

The following is a great article on other states than California that could bit anytime by huge earthquake.

5 Non-California Areas at Risk for Serious Earthquakes